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About Us

Business owner, Luiz Costa, has been working as a painter since 2004. When he first started out he didn't know much but worked hard to learn the trade. Working with other painters, and construction workers in general, he realized what was lacking in many of them: professionalism, perfectionism, cleanliness, and most importantly satisfactory customer service. After many years of working for others, Luiz finally decided he was ready to go out on his own and work for himself. Taking into account what he learned over the years from experience and what others in his field lacked, Luiz decided he would do his best to be the differential. This is what Michelangelo Pro Painters represents, a company committed to providing its customers the most high end quality of work with a customer service that exceeds their expectations. Our goal isn't to just provide our customers with a paint service, but instead, a masterpiece. 

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